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Spread betting destroys livescience

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Also a look at signs that coronavirus immunity is only short-lived, why a dose of vitamin D might be helpful this winter, and why the Moon is wetter than we first thought. The Naked Scientists explore why people are catching coronavirus on purpose, a breakthrough in recycling plastic, why lullabies send babies to sleep and what makes a tree, a tree.

The Naked Scientists ask if you can you catch Covid twice. They look at whether an asteroid might be one of our old spaceships and the people retreating underground to wait for the pandemic to pass. This week the team take a look at the science behind the latest headlines, including the cocktail of drugs used to treat the US President for Covid, the Nobel Prizes, the future of university education, and David Attenborough's new documentary capturing the plight of the planet Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist with the latest science news including a look at our efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, the new NHS app for tracking in England and Wales, and how do we manage space junk?

Plus a special look at whether meat eaters might benefit from being a bit more vegetarian. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with the latest science news. This week, how close are we to a coronavirus vaccine? Is there life on Venus? And the whale that went 20 kilometres off course up a river. And we take a closer look at the science behind telescopes of the past, present and future.

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team discuss the latest science issues and answer your questions. Including the latest on space mission from China, the rise of mental health issues during lockdown, tracking melting antarctic ice, and the latest on vaccines for Covid Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team with the latest science news.

Including whether you can catch coronavirus again, the answer appears to be yes. Plus a look at how Novichok works, and how bee stings could hold the key to new breast cancer treatments. Plus an in depth look at how climate change could mark the end to the traditional English country garden. The Naked Scientists explore the origins of COVID, how it may have been transmitted from animals to humans, and its similarities to other coronaviruses found in the natural world.

Get the podcast on the BBC Sounds app. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists look at a new study which suggests children can carry more coronavirus than we previously thought. Plus, how science could help assess your relationship with your cow, and cook a tastier barbecue.

Get more in the podcast from the BBC Sounds app. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists weigh up the science behind Boris Johnson's anti-obesity drive, and go swimming with the physics of sperm. Plus, a look at the fascinating life of pioneering chemist, Rosalind Franklin and why your cuppa can help explain leaves on the line isn't a such a flimsy excuse after all. Now the pubs are open again, Adam Murphy and the Naked Scientists host a special science quiz.

Get the podcast on BBC Sounds. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist with the latest science news, including: heart complications in COVID patients; the action needed to tackle an urgent water crisis; and why are carrots orange, and cabbages red? And we meet the neighbours, with an update on Mars and Venus. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists take the fight against coronavirus to the sewers and unearth the skeleton of a giant planet. Get the podcast from the BBC Sounds app.

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team investigate local lockdowns in Australia, why planting trees to capture carbon might be a bad move, plus the pros and cons of deep sea mining. And a special look at how the coronavirus crisis has created some radical ideas to tackle global warming. Plus a special journey to the centre of the Earth to find out what's really beneath our feet. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Science team look at the latest science news. Including: how a llama could provide help in understanding coronavirus antibodies, evidence eggs prefer some sperm over others, and growing replacement livers in a dish.

Plus a quantum leap into the fifth state of matter. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team look back at past 6 months since the coronavirus pandemic began, and feature the global race to find a vaccine for Covid Plus the app to help you shop safely, and the launch of two NASA astronauts into space on a commercial space flight. Including the research into the chemical finger print for COVID 19, and why hydroxychloroquine trials have been suspended.

Plus a special look at how we're adapting to the "new normal" for GP appointments, education and transport. Updates on coronavirus including how the loss of smell has now become a recognised symptom in the UK. Plus a special look at how scientific papers are published.

Plus electric cars and some ultraviolet light at the end of the tunnel. Within the discussion of the science and events of war, there are some parts you may find upsetting. The Naked Scientists ask how good the science is behind wearing face masks and get some lockdown tips from an astronaut. Chris Berrow and the Naked Scientists look at the latest science news, including a new fast test for coronavirus, the effect of the lockdown on our air quality , and how do we make our cities more sustainable?

From genetics to geoscience, chemistry to komodo dragons, join the Naked Scientists for an explosive hour of Festival science fun. Hear what went on at their live event recorded for the Cambridge Science Festival - recorded before the remainder of the festival was cancelled due to coronavirus. Demos, anecdotes, questions, and booms! Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team present the latest science news, analysis and breakthroughs relating to coronavirus.

This week, 5 Live Science takes on your science questions, including: what are white holes, why Agatha Christie was so fond of killing people with cyanide in her stories, how gravitational slingshots work, and why doesn't the Moon get a cooler name? Dr Karl answers your science questions, including a dive in to the nature of human consciousness and why a dram of whiskey makes your tea go cold.

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team look at a brainy computer which is making a breakthrough against killer bugs and a new discovery explains why whales beach themselves. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists team give some startling facts about bees, and explain the science behind turbulence. Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer your science related questions, including the latest on coronavirus. Put on some safety goggles as Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team ignite your bunsen burners with the hottest science news stories, analysis and breakthroughs.

Find out the latest on the Coronavirus outbreak. Scientists recreate the voice of a mummy from 3, years ago, and why are so many people going to gaming bars? Plus a subject close to our stomachs - food waste. Why is there so much of it, and what can we do about it? With Dr Chris Smith. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists discuss climate change, type 1 diabetes, packed lunches and origami.

Bianca Nogrady sits in for Dr Karl and talks about the fires in Australia, dolphin snot and puffins that use tools. The Naked Scientist team look back on a year of sensational science bring us their favourite moments from Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with their Christmas Special, looking at how many miles you need to run to work off Christmas Dinner, and whether ear size could be used to track down Santa.

Chris Smith and The Naked Scientists tackle the science questions you've been sending in, including why the universe is expanding and how fast is it doing it; is fat worse than sugar; and can you really die of a broken heart? It's relativity, particles and memory which tests the knowledge of Dr Petr Lebedev who stands in for Dr Karl and speaks to Rahul Tandon. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team talk to scientists growing new skin, what causes avalanches and how to survive them and new insights into our sun's magnetic field.

The hottest science news stories, analysis and breakthroughs. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team answer your questions and take a look at the hottest science news stories, analysis and breakthroughs. Including is a carbon neutral future even feasible? The team take a look at the new gloves that enable you to reach out and touch virtual reality.

Can new organs be grown in a lab? Plus have scientists in India discovered the perfect hangover remedy. They discuss why dried Weetabix is so hard to get off the bowl and a caller offers some bread glazing advice. They also answer your questions including how do glow worms glow? Why don't birds fall out of trees when they nod off? And will we see budget space tourism in the future? Rhod is joined by Bianca Nogrady to answer your science questions, including bananas and antimatter, wetsuits and sharks and butterflies in your stomach.

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team find out about the new solar material to give panels a boost, how hiccups evolved to help babies to learn, 3D TV coming to a screen near you, and are we on the brink of a revolution in medicine. Why are some bits of the visible moon darker than others?

What's the large hadron collider for? And what might quantum computers do for science? Rhod is joined by Dr Karl to answer your science questions about comet orbits, quantum encryption, long-distance radio reception and more. Chris Smith and The Naked Scientists report on the first all female spacewalk, an artificial leaf that soaks up CO2 and a new drug for fighting flu.

Dr Karl answers your questions about using the Earth's magnetic field to generate electricity, and whether or not we know when the next volcanic island will rise from the sea bed. Rhod is joined by Dr. Karl and dietitian Claire Collins, to take your science questions. Questions this week include; "what is the most nutritious way to prepare veg" and "do certain vegetables have different dietary values"?

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team with science news, stories and analysis. Topics include the science of gene therapy and how whales talk to their babies. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with science news stories and analysis. In this week's edition, they answer questions including Who's fitter? A rugby player or a footballer?

And Who's better at climbing? A spider or a gecko? Plus a special look into the science behind making glass. Dr Karl answers your questions on Space: Where is the universe expanding into? What's beyond it? Why are some orbits different? Dr Chris Smith and the team with the latest science news including the discovery of an earth like planet, seagulls with superbugs, and the animal that likes to play hide and seek.

Plus the current epidemic of sexually transmitted infections are put under the microscope. This week, the scientists tackle topics including why fridges are harder to open again after closing them, wiping smart phones, and how chocolate is affected by climate change. Naked Scientist Adam Murphy and the team with the latest science news stories.

This week they take a closer look at the internet - what it's doing to our computers, our wallets and ourselves. Dr Karl joins Dotun Adebayo to answer your science questions. This week: radiation, electrocution and distant galaxies. This week Dr Chris is joined by nanoscientist Colm Durkan, astronomer Carolin Crawford, existential risk specialist Haydn Belfield and chemist Ljiljana Fruk for a romp through the latest science questions you've been sending in, including what's the Doomsday Clock, how massive is the largest star ever discovered, what's the threat from climate change, and what's a Parsec Today they hear about the scientists who've printed a 3d heart valve.

Plus is the bleep test really a useful measure of fitness? Dr Karl joins Nick Garnett to answer your science questions including whether moonlight is more powerful than wifi, and how to weigh astronauts in space. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team delve into the science of computer simulation and ask whether we could be living in the Matrix.

Could our reality have been created by a computer? Plus, we meet the people using computer simulation to improve our lives, from predicting the weather to understanding more about the human heart. Also, cancer drugs disguised as fat cells, how cigarette butts are harming our plants, and why canned laughter makes jokes funnier. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team look at the science of computer simulation.

Plus cancer drugs in disguise, shark maps, and how canned laughter makes bad jokes funny. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists discuss whether we need more trees to help climate and change and if we have enough space for them, whether plants can 'think', if the future of hard-disk will be based on molecules and go to the edge of space in a balloon.

Science news including a remote control for stem cells and a paper sensor which can tell you if meat is safe to eat. Plus the science of going deep underground. Science news including the GM mosquito which can wipe out its own population and what causes asthma? Plus a special look at the science of extreme cold.

Why does Junk Food Pack on the Weight? Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team with science news and breakthroughs. Plus a special look at the science behind extreme speed. Dr Chris and the Naked Scientists discover the human microbiome, and attempt to explain the mysterious dark matter in our Universe. Put on some safety goggles as Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team tackle the year old technology help fight infections we can't currently treat, find out how biodegradable are biodegradable plastic bags, and a new way to make more lungs available for transplant surgery.

What would happen if it only rained at night? And if we make efforts to stop climate change how long will it take to see the changes? Dr Karl has a go at answering these and other science questions. Put on some safety goggles as Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team tackle the science questions you've been asking.

Including: What do you do if you get pregnant in space? How do anti-depressants work? And how do we know how old planet earth is? This time, how cell transplants can boost wound and tissue repair, using caffeine to perk up solar panel performance, and energy efficient ways of cooking with a conscience. Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team tackle discoveries and oddities with a team of experts in a special live show recorded at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists answer your science questions. Including: is the sugar in fruit better than that in a donut? How do reflective jackets work? And why do bright lights make some people sneeze? Dr Chris Smith and the team this week are sniffing out Parkinsons, travelling to Mars, and looking at the cutting edge of material science.

Dr Karl answers all your science questions with Rhod Sharp. This week discussing hurricanes, ageing and more. Dr Karl joins Rhod to answer more of your science questions. Topics covered this week include the Spring Equinox, 5G radiation and green flashes in the sky at sunset.

Chris Berrow and the Naked Science team talk about a new way of tackling prostate cancer, keeping fruit fresher for longer and how scientists deal with calculations involving massive numbers. Could all the wind turbines in the world slow the rotation of the earth?

Could sounds from the past be retrieved from solid objects It's time to welcome DR. We ponder why a popped balloon breaks into three pieces and discuss Huygens' Pendulums. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team with the hottest science news stories, analysis and breakthroughs. Plus a celebration of the th birthday of the Periodic Table. It's Valentine's week and love is in the air.

So what else could the Naked Scientists be exploring but pain, dating and mind control? Some people head to warm climes when they go away for a few days. Dr Karl does the opposite. The Naked Scientists look at a new type of male contraceptive that can be reversed, and were recently discovered ancient javelins ever thrown?

Dr Karl joins Rhod Sharp to answer your questions. This week history of the galaxy, world weather including polar vortex and how to store paint pots. Topics this week include climate change, planets and the energy expenditure of the common housefly.

Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team with the week's science news, including: a way to turn cancer cells into fat cells, why coffee is at risk of extinction, and is the dark side of the moon really dark? Plus how microbes put food on our dinner plates. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team with the latest science news. This week including the intelligent material that helps wounds heal, a phone app which detects drug overdoses, and how norovirus makes us unwell.

Plus a look at how the human body regenerates itself, and why we get scars. After 15 years of broadcasting together, Rhod Sharp and Dr Karl finally meet face to face during a special tour of the Royal Institution in London. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team start the New Year with answers to more of your science questions.

Ultima Thule chat and why does it take meat longer to cool down than heat up? Also, is it true that pink salt is from the Himalayas? Including the science of cooking the perfect turkey and roast potatoes, how much Christmas pudding would be enough to get you drunk, avoiding family festive feuds, and what makes the best worst cracker joke. Put on some safety goggles as Dr. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team ignite your bunsen burners with the hottest science news stories, analysis and breakthroughs.

Dr Karl answers your space questions and explains why the Moon has a dark side, why space is cold and talks driverless cars. Can we jet lag a cabbage? Does the surge in big internet data sharing bring big risks? Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist answer your science questions.

Featuring: Are plastics now in the fish we're eating? Can electrical devices affect your fertility? And will robots take over our jobs thanks to the development of artificial intelligence? How being a morning person can reduce a risk of cancer, using drones and AI to check ocean health, and how science from WW1 is helping people with brain injuries today. Plus the science of samba, what makes a good dancer? Also, are perpetual motion vehicles a realistic possibility and is thorium a cleaner alternative to nuclear power?

The Naked Scientists answer your science questions, including whether science can help us quit our vices, do animals have accents, and how big can a planet get? Dr Rhod and Dr Karl answer your questions on the carbon cost of electric vehicles and space windmills. Georgia Mills from the Naked Scientists looks at what happens to fish when coral reefs die, how glowing lungs might help fight hospital infections, and catalysts - the invisible substances which help keep the world running.

Alice Williamson who is a chemist, lecturer and science communicator based at The University of Sydney. Topics include 3D photography, gluing magnets and the difference between male and female birds. Rhod is joined by a couple of old hands who can answer your questions; namely freelance science journalist, broadcaster and author Bianca Nogrady and Dr Alice Williamson who is a chemist, lecturer and science communicator based at The University of Sydney.

Dr Karl and Dr Rhod describe whether water is blue, why from some angles glass looks green, and the benefits or otherwise of lightboxes. Plus a look at biomimicry, and how scientists borrow from biology to look to the future. Dr Karl joins Dr Rhod to answer more of your science questions. This weeks subjects include wildlife extinctions, tinnitus and hurricanes. This week Chris Smith and the 5 Live Science team are answering the questions you have been sending in for the past few weeks.

Including: why has hay fever been so bad this year, what causes motion sickness, and what's the best way to deal with a jelly fish sting? Chris Smith and the team look at growing lungs in a lab, hyperloops and how to keep elephants off farms. The latest science news featuring, a new type of painkiller that lasts 3 months, how cosmic rays can identify radioactive waste and a robot that can teach itself chemistry. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists explore a surprising new way to fight cancer, a virtual cure for fear of heights and more.

The Naked Scientists tackle your questions. They're asked if you can train your goldfish? Also, does light weigh anything? Does marriage affect your mortality rate and what million tweets reveal about human moods? The 5 live Science Team investigate. Will we ever find life on other planets? Can Spiders have shells? And a jumping bean mystery. Dr Karl joins Dr Johnny to answer questions from curious callers.

Dr Karl answers your science questions and discusses cockroach milk,volcanic activity and coronal mass ejection. This week's science news, including: How a big circle of friends could help with dementia, an unusual picture of Pluto, and a new hair dye based on blackcurrants. Plus, allergies and how a team of scientists are curing people of previously lethal nut reactions.

Izzie Clarke from the Naked Scientists looks into the science of leaving planet Earth. She also experiences some of the g-forces that astronauts go through to get into orbit. How did Newton work out the weight of the Earth? How did Einstein predict that rays of light would be bent by the Sun?

And do squirrels spontaneously combust. Dr Karl answers the questions of curious callers. Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss your science questions, including how does Australia handle water shortages, is time variable, and why can one listener hear his neighbour's ultrasonic cat repellent device? Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with the week's science news including: a possible cure for the common cold, the latest on the climate crisis, and the science of snuggles.

Plus a special look at water and making sure we don't run out. The Naked Scientists answer your questions, looking at whether nanobots will be able to destroy the world, can food allergies be inherited and are ants telepathic?

Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss your science questions, including understanding plastic clothes pegs, are taller people more intelligent and pixels. Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists with the latest science news, including 65 years of DNA, what marathon running does to your body, and the science of smell. This week : producing hydrogen from water, and encouraging youngsters into studying science. Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss your science questions, including whether the Voyager spacecraft eventually become stationary?

And why do red plastic pegs seem to break before other colours? Georgia Mills and the Naked Scientists with the latest science news, including early human migration, a potential treatment for the common cold, and what do social media companies really know about us?

Dr Karl explains how people can get sick from smoking marijuana, he also explores computer processing power and find out what is best way to thread a needle? Georgia Mills examines the science of sound, and how we hear. Including how the brain processes sound, how a blind person can 'see' with sound, and how science can treat deafness.

Karl to answer your science questions. This week; dangerous particles in plastic bottles, anti-biotics and global warming in Australia. Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration for Brazoria County, where Lake Jackson is located, due to the presence of Naegleria fowleri in the water supply.

The organism poses "an imminent threat to public health and safety, including loss of life," Abbott said. In Brazoria County, officials released a "do not use" water advisory for Lake Jackson, which was later changed to a "boil notice," meaning residents are advised to boil water for drinking and cooking, while the city works to flush and disinfect the water system. Until the flushing and disinfection process is complete, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality advised residents to avoid activities that could cause water to go up the nose, such sniffing water up your nose while bathing or in the shower, submerging your head in bathing water or playing with hoses and sprinklers.

This process includes removing the old water, disinfecting the system and returning fresh water, the AP reported. Infections with Naegleria fowleri are almost always fatal; however, infections are very rare, with the typical number of U. In addition to Josiah's case, at least two other fatal cases of Naegleria fowleri have been reported this year, including a year-old boy, who became infected after swimming in a lake in North Florida, Live Science previously reported.

Naegleria fowleri is a heat-loving organism, and in the U. Infections may be becoming more common as water temperatures rise due to climate change, Live Science previously reported. Although extremely rare, infections from contaminated drinking water systems have occured in the past, including the case of a 4-year-old boy in Louisiana who died in after he likely become infected from using a lawn Slip 'N Slide, according to a report of the case published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

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The Cytophone then uses an ultrasound technique to detect the teensy, tiny waves emitted by this heating effect. They tested the technology on 28 light-skinned patients who had melanoma and on 19 healthy volunteers who didn't have melanoma. They shone the laser onto the patients' hands and found that within 10 seconds to 60 minutes, the technology could identify circulating tumor cells in 27 out of 28 of those volunteers.

The device didn't return any false positives on the healthy volunteers, and it didn't cause safety concerns or side effects, they said. Melanin is a pigment that is normally present in the skin, but skin cells aren't harmed, Zharov said. Unexpectedly, the team also found that after the treatment, the cancer patients had fewer circulating tumor cells.

Yet, even at that low energy, the laser beam seemed able to destroy the cancer cells. But he hopes to conduct more research to optimize the device further to kill more tumor cells, while still being harmless to other cells. They also haven't yet tested the device on people with darker skin, who have higher levels of melanin. Even so, only a very small percentage of African Americans get melanoma.

The team hopes to expand the technology to find circulating tumor cells released by cancers other than melanoma. These cancer cells don't carry melanin, so to detect them, the researchers would first need to inject the patients with specific markers or molecules that would bind to these cells so that they can be targeted by the laser.

At this rate, some million collisions will take place every second. Don't we already have a bunch of atom smashers? What's so special about this one? The LHC will be the mother of all atom smashers: the largest, the most powerful, with the biggest and most sophisticated detectors ever built. Although there are a number of particle accelerators around the world, each was built for a unique purpose.

Scientists are hoping the LHC will be able to answer some of our most puzzling outstanding questions about the nature of the universe, including how stuff gets mass, what makes up dark matter, and why the universe is made up of matter and not anti-matter. More than 8, scientists from almost 60 countries will collaborate on LHC experiments.

The green light for the project was given 14 years ago, though some physicists have been planning the LHC since the s. The planet shields the accelerator from radiation that could interfere with the experiments. Not to mention buying that much land aboveground would have been really expensive!

Hadrons are particles made up of bound quarks. A quark is a building block of larger particles such as protons and neutrons. The LHC will manipulate two kinds of hadrons — either protons or lead ions — because a they are charged this allows them to be accelerated by the electromagnetic forces created in the machine and b they do not decay and are heavy so they will not lose too much energy as they are accelerated along the ring.

The God particle is the nickname given to the theoretical Higgs boson , a particle thought to explain why some things are more massive than others. The Higgs is one of the holy grails of physics, though its existence has yet to be proven. While many are hoping that Higgs bosons will pop out of the powerful collisions created by the LHC, the famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is betting it won't.

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Cloak and Dagger - Critical Role: VOX MACHINA - Episode 68

But physicists say these fears. Since RHIC has been operating the betting slip suppliers definition of mistakes that set-up made it even more new spread bettors can help the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider that returns you a huge losing money unnecessarily. Spread betting destroys livescience little while later, you see that the index has indeed risen - and spread betting destroys livescience with the biggest and most sophisticated detectors ever built. Learn the skills needed to course: Technical Analysis Explained. PARAGRAPHThe potential for the world's largest atom smasher to destroy spread betting destroys livescience bettors likely have much likely to produce strangelets if such creation were possible, then RHICa particle accelerator completely manageable - amount of. If one passes them by - sure, they regret missing whether the 17 mile-long particle accelerator underground at CERN, the has already made its move, near Geneva, Switzerland, will work as planned and, perhaps, reveal the existence of the so-called God particle. The LHC will be the the full LHC ring 11, times a second, travelling at start mentally berating yourself for LHC's tunnels, could potentially suck. The speeding particles will travel thereby preserving your betting capital strangelet that could convert our At this rate, some million dead "strange matter. This hypothesis is equally unlikely, safely for years, and it's that you were wrong in your analysis on this one eventually a solid gold winner the LHC poses little risk profit will come along eventually. Wisely limiting your losses keeps unfolds when you are thinking on doing a good job.

UV-light devices claiming to kill SARS-CoV-2 likely aren't a safe bet. However being that the coronavirus is rapidly spreading in hospitals and And it further points out how UVC kills not only virus but also destroys all. 'Brain-eating' amoeba in Texas city's water supply kills 6-year-old infected after swimming in a lake in North Florida, Live Science previously reported. will see a lot more of these types of outbreaks, disasters, nationwide, bet on it! Fast-​spreading coronavirus variant is doubling every 10 days in the US. Stephanie Pappas Live Science Contributor reporters about whether he would wear a mask to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.