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A number of Toronto-Dominion customers took to social media Friday to report problems accessing their online banking accounts and issues with the mobile app. The technical issue we were experiencing today with our online and mobile banking channels has been resolved. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Phantoml0rd cs go betting for poor

They would also mention that they had taken interest in 20 other personalities that would have been involved in such practice on different platforms. This would attract particular attention to the concept of sponsored content. The report would be based on the testimony of a hacker. The hacker would admit to having tried to hack the CSGOShuffle gambling website in order to steal money from the operation. In that attempt the hacker came across conversations between CSGOShuffle coder and owner and James Varga, a popular Twitch streamer broadcasting his gambling on the website.

The leaked logs would show streamer James Varga aka. They would also show Varga exchanging payments to the coder and referring to the casino and staff as "us", implying ownership of the operation which he did not disclose. This would put a lot of personalities and gambling platforms under scrutiny, following the Tmartn and ProSyndicate transparency issue, this new scandal would expose the ability of these platforms to not only mislead the audiences of influencers but also how they could possibly cheat their users to make more profit.

This would force Valve to take action against these websites by issuing Cease and Desist letters, preventing them from using Valve intellectual properties such as virtual items designs, names, and using automated Steam accounts to transfer user's items from their accounts to the websites bank and back. Following videos of Richard Lewis would allege Phantoml0rd would run giveaways during his broadcasts in order to gain subscribers. Richard Lewis would also investigate and report on unethical practices in esports such as tournament organisers or teams not paying salaries or holding players under unfair contracts.

He would often call for players to consult with him if they felt the need to so he could review contracts, provide advice, and help players or other personalities get paid by their employers. Most notably, he reported on the hugely popular Swedish organisation Ninjas In Pyjamas when it came out they had not been paying their Counter Strike roster their due salary resulting in the CEO at the time resigning. While first denying the allegations of malpractice stating the report drew "incorrect conclusions [ The NiP organisation would announce shortly after that the current chief Per Lilliefelth would step down and be replaced immediately.

Stating the accusations against him were partially true. Earlier in his career his most notable report was about a cheating program. In Richard Lewis would leak a program to the public. The program, a small executable file called vent. Similar to today's Discord or Teamspeak, it was widely used in the gaming world by teams to communicate during games.

The cheat program would be small enough to be carried on a flash drive or even in a mouse or keyboard's onboard memory. It was a basic type of aimbot cheat, that would correct the player's aim may he be slightly off target. In such a subtle manner that it was almost invisible to the eye test, and would almost never fail and expose the cheater.

This was one of the first cheat that would be usable in a LAN setting, where the player is exposed to the public eye. As it was disguised as a common program used by participants, it was possible to run the cheat without attracting suspicion, even on the computer provided by the tournament. In his acceptance speech, Lewis criticized gaming outlets such as Kotaku and Polygon for gatekeeping the games industry.

The podcast was sponsored by the fantasy esports service Alphadraft. Shields returned as co-host. The show was funded via Patron donations and later by the sports betting company, Rivalry. As of December , there have been over 90 episodes of the show broadcast live on Twitch and later uploaded to YouTube. Over three hundred episodes have been produced since May On Twitter, Berg claimed he was strangled by Lewis, and Lewis responded saying he acted defensively when confronted by Berg who should not have been allowed backstage.

Lewis told PC Gamer he apologized to Berg and that the police found it reasonable he felt threatened by Berg's actions. Police confirmed an assault was reported but no charges were filed. DreamHack intended to ask both Berg and Lewis to leave, but after apologizing to each other they were allowed to stay, however, DreamHack announced they would no longer work with Richard Lewis. In , Lewis's Reddit account was banned from commenting or posting on the League of Legends subreddit due to "sustained abusive behavior" after several warnings and a temporary ban.

We will also not allow any rehosted content from this individual. Important stories pertaining to League of Legends that I have written have gone unnoticed From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richard Lewis. Retrieved 19 August Recently, some high-profile video game streamers have been exposed as owning third-party gambling sites where players can bet on the outcome of matches for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — an obvious conflict of interest.

Last week, Twitch announced that anyone violating a game's terms of service would be prohibited from broadcasting, and they've followed up by banning a prominent streamer who had 1. James "PhantomL0rd" Varga, who has the seventh-largest following on Twitch, had his account suspended indefinitely over the allegations. Four days ago, YouTuber Richard Lewis released a video alleging that Varga had an ownership stake in CS:GOShuffle, the betting website he extensively used and promoted, and that he had asked the site's technical administrator for typically-hidden gambling probabilities to increase his chances of getting valuable items.

To get around legal challenges, the game's betting community used weapon "skins" as a secondary currency, since those digital items can be sold for real-world money on third-party sites. But it seems enough is enough: news broke yesterday that CS:GO 's creator Valve, previously silent on the issue, sent cease-and-desist notices to 23 gambling sites. It probably has something to do with getting included in two class-action lawsuits in Connecticut and Florida a few weeks ago for not doing enough to shut them down.

The man's boat was found upside down and damaged, with experts determining it 'highly likely' he has been taken by a crocodile. Police are searching for the family after the father allegedly removed his ankle bracelet. Coles and Woolworths have enforced purchase limits following Victoria's lockdown announcement, as shelves run empty. Shoppers have been warned after a spate of convincing scam messages were received by customers. Australia's response to a world-wide push has been branded as 'absurd'.

Shoppers have accused the brand of trying to hide the lack of Australian ingredients. On the third day of his second impeachment trial, Trump's rivals sought to use his own words against him, again and again.


The two had a disagreement prompted by Varga stating he was streaming to 24, people and wanted more skins to bet with. Repeated dialogue from Varga to Duhau, who provided Varga with the percentages of jackpots whenever Varga asked, suggests that Varga felt it was vital not only for popular streamers to advertise the site by playing on it, but that it was vital for him to personally do so.

This resembles the activity that CSGOLotto owner Trevor Martin engaged in , when he advertised for Lotto by streaming his repeated winnings on the site. Varga also repeatedly asked Duhau to tell him percentages of jackpots that significantly increased his odds of winning. Duhau also appeared compelled to send Varga whatever he requested because he was in a paid working relationship. The payments and working relationship also indicate Varga had some level of ownership over the site.

User data for Shuffle referred to in the logs by Varga illustrated that its user base was one-fifth American. Countries like Germany , Sweden and Norway also made up material portions of its customers. This traffic data was referenced on Sept. Comments from Varga suggest Shuffle was one of the sites in direct receipt of the letter. And if they take any further action we lawyer up and take them head on.

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